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Glacier's Edge sportfishing from Seward

Prince William Sound fishing for halibut and salmon from Seward and vacation cabin lodging also in Seward is possible with Glacier's Edge Sportfishing.

Alaska Outdoor Forums

The new Alaska Outdoors Forums are online!  Join the conversation today about the Alaska Outdoors at the new location, now with more forums, more members, and no software hassle!

The New Alaska Outdoors Forums

The following older forums are available for reference only.

Alaska Boating Forum Archives
The Alaska boating forum is for discussion of all kinds of boats. Whether you are piloting a kayak on the river, a small cabin cruiser, or skiff, or even a larger recreational boat, this is the place for talking Alaska boats.
Alaska Fishing Forum Archives
Questions about Alaska fishing? Look here for what others have posted, or ask your own questions.
Alaska Hunting Forum Archives
This forum is for hunters who want to ask questions or share information about hunting in Alaska. We welcome your questions, comments, and perspectives.
Alaska Shooting Forum Archives
The Alaska shooting forum is for connecting shooters in the 49th state. Messages that specifically relate to shooting in Alaska are welcome.
The Alaska Snowmachining & ATV Forum Archives
This forum is for all who ride the backcountry in Alaska....or would like to! Discussion is open year round on snowmachines, ATVs / ORVs.
Alaska Swap n Sell Forum Archives
Have an outdoors item you no longer need? Need something and want to let others know about it? If it is an outdoors item and pertains to Alaska, you are welcome to post a message about it here.
Forum Archives
Forum contributors regularly provide excellent information about Alaska Hunting and Fishing. Here are some of the best threads.



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Some Alaska Outdoors and Travel Titles
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The 2002 Milepost ~ Click for more informationAlaska Travel

The Milepost
Alaska: A Complete Guide to
the Last Frontier
Best Places Alaska

General Alaska Hunting
Hunting in Alaska
Alaska Atlas & Gazetteer
Manual for Successful Hunting

Float Hunting Alaska

Alaska Wear

General Alaska Fishing
Alaska Fishing
Fishing Alaska on Dollars a Day
Sportfishing Alaska (video)
The Alaska Highway Angler

How to Rent A Public Cabin in Southcentral Alaska

Alaska Rainbows

Moose & Caribou Hunting
Hunt Alaska Now
(RealAudio™ author interview)
Love, Thunder & Bull 2 in Alaska (video)
Alaska Hunting Adventure (video)

Flies for Alaska
Fly Patterns of Alaska
Fly-fishing Alaska
Fly-fishing Alaska's Wild Rivers

NEW!! Alaska's 10 Hottest Fly Patterns (video)

Sheep Hunting
Sheep Hunting in Alaska
Quest for Dall Sheep

Bear Hunting
Phantom of the Forest
Last of the Great Brown Bear Men

Terrain Navigator
CD ROM topographic map coverage for ALL of Alaska

 Terrain Navigator 2001

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