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Posted by graylingwizard on Dec 11 2005
Thanks. I looked at their web site and it has alot of new info.
Some of the links don't work right yet, but I'm sure the web master will fix it.
Anyways, it's good to see that Wooldridge is staying ahead of the game.
I have been guiding on interior rivers for over 20 years. Started with a 19' Gumman square stern, w/ a 15 hp Johnson short shaft prop. Then a Lowe 16' rivited, w/ a 75 hp Johnson short shaft jet. The last 13 years I have been using a Wooldridge 17.5' Alaskan, w/ a 115 OB short shaft jet with a 4 bladed Wooldridge stainless impeller. Have used a lot of other boats too. The Alaskan is a great set-up. Clients like it too. They say it looks solid, feels solid, etc...
Wooldridge has the jet tunnel and hull design figured out. Some of their design is counter-intuitive when you look at it, but it sure works on the rivers and shallow creeks.
I understand that Glen Wooldridge is hesitant about putting the Merc Sport Jet, in-board unit in their boats. Merc is not my top choice for an outboard but their Sport jet is a different matter. It has been working well in the Boat Shop's Extreme Shallow and Compeau's Phantom Jet. Especially the models that are direct injected. Plus the Sport Jets are 90-95% efficient, compared to the red, San Leandro OB Jet that is only 75% efficient.
I follow these things because I am always thinking about my next (perfect) boat.

Bottom line...Wooldridge might consider producing a limited run of their Alaskan II, with a Merc Sport Jet in-board 250 HP Direct Injected Opti-Max.
The in-board and jet only weigh 434 lbs.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like it would be the perfect set-up.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks again for the updated Wooldridge web site info.

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