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Ultra's and other sources of irritation...
Posted by Murphy on Dec 16 2005

No I don't particularly dislike Remington rifles.  I like the old slick BDL's, not too crazy about their new synthetics.  I've owned many good Remington rifles. I dont like what they put the Ultra's into.  

But the Ultra's!!! Why is the case so big?  There is no powder available that can fill the case with a shootable load.  The 7mm Rem Mag is a great round but no powder, not even the slowest, can fill that case.  The last thing we needed was a larger case.  VERY inefficient, all of them.  Not so much the 375 but everything smaller.  Why did we rebate the rim?  Just to save cost of extra machining, I guess.  Why not just remove the belt from the old 8mm Rem Mag case and neck that to every conceivable caliber.  That would be enough space to give the same ballistics as the ultra's with less powder.  I wasn't consulted.!
There was already a case available to give the same ballistics with less powder, less recoil and no belt.  It is the 9.3 X 64 case. Or why not just remove the belt of our existing mags and use the full .532" diameter with out a belt.  Because Remington wanted to have the biggest case on the block!!  That's the only reason.
They created a highly ineffcient case for marketing value only. Also the case design is a copy of an earlier one based on the 404 Jeffery called the 300 Dakota. (7mm, 330, 375, 404) Don Allen developed them long before Remington did but lacked the capitol to promote them the way the big greenie did, and I think that is what I dislike the most.  Anyway, you asked.  Good shootin'.


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