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Retumbo and Ultras
Posted by Murphy on Dec 16 2005

Yes, you're right, Retumbo will fill the 338 Ultra case.  It is slow and bulky and was made for the Ultra cases, not the other way around.  It was not available when the Ultras came out. Hodgdon got on the ball and developed this powder when the need came up. It does perform better in those big cases than RL-25 even though they are the same burning rate, because it is bulky and fills nicely.  My experience with the 338 Ultra was a 24" barreled rifle and 225 grain Partitions. I got 3044 fps with the 103.0 grains of Retumbo.  It wasn't compressed but was full.  I use a drop tube and that allows more powder in the case.  The 338 Ultra has awesome ballistics, identical to the Lapua, and they are probably the very best open country elk calibers ever devised, they are still ineffcient. They offer a 10% increase in velocity with a 40% increase in propellant over the 338 Win Mag.  And the 30 and 28 bore versions are worse.  BTW the Lapua with the same barrel length gave 3056 fps with 102.0 grains of Retumbo. The Sako 995 I once owned had a 26" tube but I didn't have Retumbo or RL-25.  Retumbo gave better accuracy in both Ultra and Lapua with 225 and 250 grain bullets than RL-25 or any other suitable powder. Both these calibers need 26" barrels but I've never fired a 338 Ultra with 26"  Is that what is on the Reminton 700?

Anyway, you got me, you're right.  Good shootin'.


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