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Big Game Adventures magazine 2
Posted by Bigmnt on Dec 19 2005
If you are really interested in the effects of pistols and Brown/Grizzly kills, I would direct you to this quarters, fresh off the press, Big Game Adventures magazine.  On page 31 A story titled “Brownie Hunt” Author: Jim Oltersdorf, should give you a warm a fuzzy feeling as you pack that .44 mag around in bear country.

To give a short summary of the story: Jim and three of his buddies fly out, I believe it was somewhere on the Alaska peninsula, to hunt brown bears with the new Smith and Wesson .500  X frame revolvers.  Two of the four hunters carried the  Smith and Wesson .500  X frame revolvers and one person had a back up 45/70 20 inch barreled something.  No mention of loads or slug weights etc..  From the start this article sounded and looked like an add for Smith and Wesson.

While flying in the guys noticed two bears on some sort of kill. They dropped the plane in on the nearest lake and commenced hunting the bears on the next day.  As they approached, they spooked two bears trying to get into the bear on the kill.  With the back up person above them on a slight rise holding the 45/70, the two hunters with the pistols split apart about fifty yards and moved in on the bear over the kill.  The bear winded them, and as it is not quite clear in the story, the bear moved up or charged one of the pistol hunters named Glen.  The bear was finally dispatched after both pistols were emptied and two slugs from the 45/70.  This was an 8.5 foot bore that got a little too close for comfort for the handgun bunch.  However after the boys had scraped the defecation out of their bloomers!  The other pistol hunter spotted a  cub on the river and decided that smaller was better and they all commenced to stalk this bear.  

After two shots from the all and powerful Smith and Wesson .500  X frame pistol, and a fatal downing of the bear trying to swim the river, the brown bear cub was theirs.  Everyone was totally happy,   Smith and Wesson took out a full page add on for new .500  X frame revolver.  Fruit of the Loom got to showcase the durability of their new line of extreme sports under garments, and the Alaska state police did not have to air lift out four dead people in body baggs.

Oh, by-the-way: Daisy has come out with a new Kodiak line of air guns, maybe we can get the same four hunters to do a promotional story on this new ultra weapon.........

Have fun, hunt safe, and don’t let Mike or the rest of us ruffle your feathers.....


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