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Hey Ol' Grouch
Posted by Brian Richardson on Dec 22 2005
Haven't seen ya on here in a while...

Yep sounds like you have found the 5.7X28.

It is fired from some pretty high-priced FN made guns called the P90 Sub-Guns (w/ 50 rnd. Capacity) & the FiveseveN pistols (w/ 20 rnd mags).  The round is based on a need for higher capacity in an entry size weapon, greater % incapacitation (rifle-like characteristics), controllability under less recoil, the capability to integrate a slew of accessories… all of which offering enhanced range.

There are a few rounds made:

SS190 Ball (Penetrator on softer frag vests or light body armor, Kevlar helmets, Kevlar vests, etc. It is not what some assume is armor piercing on good steel plate and ceramic armor)  

SS192 Soft (works/looks like a V-max varmint round)

SB193 Sub-sonic (for using suppressors)
L191 Tracer (for seeing trajectories)

In FNB the "B" I think stands for the division of FN that is for LE & MIL. Distributions...  However, I am seeing more of these rounds all the time on shelves w/ the exceptions of the Subsonic and Tracer.  Pretty expensive tho’.  So are the guns!!!

The gun and round are developed for extreme use and environments --- Your neck of the woods would fit this picture.

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