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Motorized AIRE Lion
Posted by Michael Strahan on Feb 20 2006

Your eight-horse will push you around just fine as long as you're in no hurry.  It's an ideal setup for trolling or slow cruising.  You won't need to worry about flattening your water column under the floor, because you won't get up on step anyway with this setup.  Just make sure your transom steps down far enough to let the anti-cavitation plate plane correctly.  With this rig, you should be able to make about seven or eight miles per hour on still water.

I use an adjustable transom bracket made by Sea Dog, but I couldn't find them online for you.  Here's a link to something similar by Garelick:  < >  Just paste everything between the brackets into your web browser window and you're off to the races.  They're charging $159.40 for the one for an eight-horse.

If you're looking for something faster, the Lion tubes are not what you want; the blunt bow will just plow and create a lot of drag.  The only way to make it work without getting soaked by splash from the front of the tubes is to get the bow completely out of the water.  For that you'll need a minimum of 25 horses; you'd be better off with 35 or even more.  Of course with a setup like that, you're into a completely different transom setup, brace bars, and the whole Maryann.  You'll need a watertight floor of some kind (we used to use Lexan or UMHW plastic.  You have to have enough bracing on top of the plastic to keep it from caving in; especially in front of the transom.  If not, you'll develop a huge air bubble just forward of the transom and your outboard will cavitate.  You may also need a rubber strip along both sides of your plastic, to keep water from squirting through between the floor and the tubes.  It's quite a project, so if you want to go that route, drop me a private message and we'll get together on the phone.  I'd be happy to share whatever I can that would help.  You'll most likely have to fab something up, but if you're handy with cutting, drilling and welding aluminum, you should be fine.

Best of luck with your project!


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