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I can't wait to spend more time in PWS
Posted by Paul H on Feb 23 2006
You don't have to run all the way to green island to get fish, I rented a small skiff last summer in mid July, and we caught salmon and halibut (ping pong padel in 400') at the top of Culross passage, though better fishing is a bit further out.  Fishing wasn't really the sole purpose of the trip, and I'd put the effort into really finding some good spots before venturing out.  I was more interested in motoring around a bit.  We did have a whale surface about 50 yds from the boat.  Salmon jumping all around pretty much wherever we went.  

This is the outfit we rented from:
I don't know that there are any other rental outfits in whittier, nor any larger boats for rent.  The 20' skiff was just the right size for my wife and a friend for a day trip, I'm thinking if you bring a tent to camp, you could make due with the 22' sea runner for a few days.

We had an awesome trip for a day, I'd say to truly see the beauty of the area, you could spend all summer and not see it all.  A good clear day is pretty amazing though.  I always went out of Whittier over to Montague for a blacktail hunt last fall and that was also a wonderful trip, purposes criss crossing in front of the boat.

For a two day trip figure out if you're more interested in seeing the sound, or fishing, just not enough time to do justice to either activity.  I'd also say plan a mid-week trip, there will be alot less traffic on the water.

Now if I can just get my boat done this summer, I plan to spend all my free time, water conditions permitting, in PWS.

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