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NEW AIRE Power Traveler!
Posted by Michael Strahan on Mar 05 2006
Hi folks,

I wanted to toss in a note about the new Power Traveler.  The boat was specifically designed for smaller rivers in Alaska.  Last spring the prototype was marketed here with great success, but they had some delivery issues.  They continued working on the design and have now gone to full production on them.  16" tubes, 13" floor, 17' long, a beam around 56 inches, and an estmated load capacity well over 2000lbs. (rough estimation).  You can run it all day long with a jet motor in the 25-horse class, and it will run a larger motor if you like.

You can order the boat from Alaska Raft and Kayak in Anchorage at 1 (907) 561-7238.

The boat is narrower than a conventional sportboat, and has several features that lend themselves well to fly-out trips.  No floorboards; the floor is stiff enough to walk on and yet offers excellent performance with an outboard.  Removable transom; this makes the boat easy to pack.  Narrow beam; this slims the boat down, which makes it ideal on narrow rivers with lots of brush.

Thought someone might be interested.  The numbers I gave on this boat are estimates only; I can get the technical data if anyone is interested.  Better yet, call Tracey Harmon at Alaska Raft and Kayak for the lowdown.  For what it's worth, I don't get anything out of promoting this boat.  I don't work for any of the companies involved, they don't give me anything in exchange for talking about thier stuff, etc.  I just believe in the product.  Check it out!


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