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cataraft frame
Posted by Alaskacanoe on Mar 22 2006
I like to use the powder coated  aluminum frames. I have made lots of frames for all kinds of rafts and catarafts over the years. if you plan in trailering your raft everywhere, then the cedar floor is good. If you are wanting to do remote trips the wood floor is out.. unless you hire one plane to just haul your raft and frame. remember that every pound you put on the raft the more drag. I have found that if I keep my raft very simple with a tarpaline and use cooler slots in the frame it makes for a very agile boat. I used to take catarafts on my moose trips for a couple of years, then I realized that they can't haul as much as a round raft, and are much heavier than a round raft and frame due to the amount of frame a cataraft has. I use a 14 foot or 16 foot round raft now for all my moose and caribou float trips and I can get my raft and frame and oars down to 201 lbs. You can not do that with a cataraft unless  you leave parts home. I love a cataraft due to its height and the platform to work around on, but when you get a moose and a couple of caribou on one with a couple of guys and gear,, you are way overloaded,, the round raft will haul that amount with much more ease as the displacement on the ends comes into play and really makes it nice.  For the Kenai and other alaska  rivers I have gone to using a raft design called the Kenai drifter in 14 foot. it has a raised floor and is self bailing. this makes it so the floor does not touch the water and so you loose that resistance. its like a cataraft because of the design, but you get the benefit of having the added tube displacement when you load it up with people and moose and gear. It is by far the best all around raft I have ever used.  I know cats are the rage, and I own 14, 16 and 18 footer cats too, but for an all around raft, I am sold on this Kenai Drifter. you can fit it with the same seats and setup as the cat for making a fishing machine.. I use these light weight joint unions that make it nice to customize the raft for trailer trips, or take off the frills and do the light weight hunting machine..  This is just one mans opinion. I do like the fact that the motor transom works on the cats so well. I have a 9.9 and a 15 hp that I use on my boats when I come out of Kenai canyon and have to push across Skilak lake... that is certainly a benifit of the cats..

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