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Divers for Kwik's
Posted by Clice on Mar 28 2006
Was having problems posting in the other thread started so will try making a new one
Little advice on the diver questions and hook selection for Kwik's.
single siwash hooks are some of the best for this application, you should never go any larger than a 5/0 hook on the K16 (3/0 or 2/0 on the K14's), anything biger is overkill and will foul the plug more often and not to mention making it harder for good hook penetration.  Attach a barell swivel on the rear of the plug and attach the siwash to that, can even experiment with the middle, but not if your running "dine" fillets.  There are some new hooks on the market and experiment with thiner wires for better penetration.
Divers..20's early, 40's later and even the jumbo's, I rather see my diver pinned on a rock than not touching bottom, don't be afraid to run a larger size in less than 4 foot of water, the currnets are enough in both streams to keep em backtrolling, especially if you pay close attention to the rod tip.
Stay away from bead chain, the first time you get your diver hooked in the net and miss the fish (yes I have been there done that), you sure will be glad you can take that knife that you should always have handy and cut away your diver, makes it very easy as well if you happen to get fouled up with someone else as well.
IMO Stay way from the soft plastic divers they tend to flare at the wings, go for the hard plastic, usually painted in metalic colors, if you dont like the colors you can always paint, or just fish em.
Hope some of my IMO helps

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