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Raft brands
Posted by Alaskacanoe on Mar 29 2006
I saw a guy in a Ford truck today with a back window sticker that announced that anything other than a Ford was junk.
It was evident that this fellow is of simple mind. Any one with sense realizes that the reason we have dozens of vehicle manufactures and thier cars on the road is that have been in business for generations. This is due because they put out a product that someone feels is of value and serves the purpose. Not one truck is perfect, and not one raft manufacture is the best. In the past 32 years of being around inflatables I have learned that many products out on the market are of  excellent quality. I started out on the Green river in Dutch John Utah in Avon rafts in the late 1960's. and over the years of being in the rafting business have tried almost every raft brand this side of Mars.  I hope that you can see thru folks that believe Fords are the only car to own. Likewise use the same thoughts in buying a quality inflatable. Those that have been in business for a while, that have good warranty and a dealer that will back the warranty. I have a couple of rafts in my fleet that I bought from an outfit that went away, and so did the warranty. I buy for my fleet now just a couple of brands, this is because they are good boats, and the warranty is good because the salesman is still in business. Alaska series (Jim King) boats are good and Alaska raft (Tracy Harmon)has good boats. they can also help you design a raft frame to fit every need. both these guys are serious about what they do, and are passionate about it. you won't go wrong talking to both.
The reason I suggest these two outfits is because you will be talking to knowledge. You may get just a salesman at some other locations. someone that has never used inflatables like these two.
Lets help one anouther in our pursuit to enjoy our outdoors in safety and comfort, not wasting time and energy badmouthing decent products. But if you are the guy with a single mind, there is probably not much we can do for you.

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