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Ford vs. Hummer vs. Lexus
Posted by Alaskacanoe on Mar 29 2006
Aire makes a fine boat. My wife says she will take her Lexus over a Hummer anyday though lol.( she has all the money ) I may have to try one of the new Aire boats next season. The one I had 4 years ago(jagurundi) I think is what it was called, A 16ft cat..It oxidized quite rapidly,in one summer.. I heard that they have put better UV protectant in the material now, but other than that it was  a good boat..I need boats that I can keep outside all summer, as they get used almost everyday here on the Kenai. I use inflatables almost every day. That is a great warranty on the Aire boats. I will stop and see Tracy next time in Anchorage, and see if they have infact done something about the UV Oxidation. I would not have sold the raft so quickly if it had not discolored and turned that dusty look quicker than other boats.(I use 303 protectant ) on all my boats.. As far as hauling loads, it has nothing to do with brand, but with displacement. Emotions sometimes get in the way with reality. When you put a couple of Moose on a raft, and gear for 3 guys the learning curve goes way up..LOL.. Everyone wants to feel like they got the best deal possible on what ever they buy or own. I of course am the same way.
Some people have equipment for recreation, and some of us have equipment to make a living. I have had good success with Sotar,Maravia,NRS,Aire,and Alaska series( Jim King )seems very good with over 7 years on one of his boats..the ones not so good of luck with Momentum,Zodiak, and a couple others I can't even remember. but like I said, anyone still in business has to be doing something right...  

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