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Fun post / tough decision
Posted by retch on Apr 04 2006
It is tough to get the one that does it all and does it well.  I happen to own many boats of all descriptions in my business and many have restrictions.  The heavy fast inboards with 450 hp ride like a mercedes and you are warm and cruise at 40mph, but you better have good water because you are not going up the little shallow channels.  If you do, you risk living there in your boat!  Smaller 20-22 boats with outboard jets can go the same place as the big ones perhaps with a bit less "comfort", but they add a dimension of small shallow backwaters.  Drop to light weight and small jets, and you can run very small tight places in very shallow water...farther in the woods =more fun!  Not the best for long runs or with big loads however.  Add the dimension of a 24ft flat with a Go Devil surface drive and you can do just about everything I mentioned.  What I like about this one is my fuel costs are darn near nill.  I carry a 4 wheeler, guys and gear with ease and run in shallow water that has weeds so thick you can't even see the water.  They are awesome.  No best answer, I guess but I like some of the advice you see in these posts.  We don't know your finances but make sure you don't make it a boat that is tough to feed at $3-$5 per gallon.  I have to buy that expensive fuel and couldn't if clients didn't pay the bill.  Think carefully so you get the best bang for your buck and don't have to search for "friends" just to pay the gas.   Have fun and enjoy...hope you get what YOU want and have a blast.  Thanks for what you do for us all...this is fun for the group.


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