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Canoes for fly in trips
Posted by Alaska Series Inflatable Boats on Apr 10 2006
You didn't say if you're going to fly your canoes in or if you're trip is connected to the road system. For a 5-7 day trip on the road system with two paddlers and gear you need at least a 17 foot canoe like an Old Town Tripper or similar. For any type of moving water you'll want a canoe with a little rocker from bow to stern, a slight bottom arch from chine to chine and NO keel so you can slip the current.  

If you're going to do any type of fly out you should consider an inflatable canoe in a 17' length. When looking for an inflatable canoe, keep in mind that some of the boats on the market are more of a skinny raft then an actual canoe.  

Things to look for in an inflatable canoe are,
A sidewall that is thin and easy to reach over so you can do a proper J-stroke and forward stroke,
A slight arch from chine to chine so you can lean into the turn and keep your boat from flipping when paddling in or out of an eddy
Also look for a canoe with a shape that is streamline at the water line so it replaces the water that it displaces,
These are the things what make an inflatable canoe paddle like a canoe instead of a skinny raft.    

For transporting your Game you need to let your game and/or Hide cool first then put it in a large dry bag to keep it from getting wet. Canoes always perform best with the weight in the bottom of the boat. The dry bags will keep your gear and game protected from any water that is in the bottom of your canoe.

Good Boating

Jim King
Alaska Series Inflatable boats

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