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Alaska fishing: the Seward area

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Seward is on the southeast corner of the Kenai Peninsula, and "right around the corner" from Prince William SoundSpecies

Seward calls itself, “Alaska’s Favorite Seaside Town”, and there is a lot of truth to that. For one thing, it is home to some of the finest sport fishing in the state. Anglers who travel here have the opportunity to venture into adjacent seas and catch giant Pacific halibut and trophy lingcod. While underway you can troll for the renowned king salmon or focus on fighting the much sought-after leaping silver salmon. Rockfish lay on the bottom, and pink salmon swim in between. And all of this takes place in and around Resurrection Bay at the edge of the Kenai Fjords, one of the most breathtaking costal panoramas of the entire region.

Fresh water opportunities are available in some of the nearby streams with offerings of 
king, pink, and silver salmon. Dolly Varden can also be found. While some of these opportunities can range from fair to even good, most anglers take to the surrounding seas or fish directly from the shore once the silvers have “hit the beaches”.

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Seward is justly famed for the rich fisheries resources not far from the harbor.  With king (chinook) and silver (coho) salmon abundant in the waters of Resurrection Bay and nearby waters it is typical for anglers to come back at the end of the day with satisfying catches of salmon and the Pacific halibut that are also found nearby.  Saltwater Safari has built an enviable reputation as a first class provider of day fishing charters and multi-day fishing packages. The company targets big halibut, lingcod, rockfish, salmon shark and silver and king salmon and enjoys consistent record catches. For more information visit the company's website or call toll free 1-800-382-1564. [ADV]


Seward is located directly on Resurrection Bay on the southeastern Kenai Peninsula. It is a picturesque community of around 4,000 residents nestled between high mountains ranges that fall precipitously to the sea. Cottonwood and spruce surround the city, and alder grows on the surrounding mountains. Seward is the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park, a stunning coastal marine setting rich in life that attracts eco-tourists by the boatloads. The downtown maintains a frontier-town atmosphere and just about everything leads to the numerous marinas on the bay.

Seward is a busy community, particularly in the summer due to its numerous activities for both the fishing and non-fishing tourist. The annual Silver Salmon Derby in August is the state’s largest, and the Jackpot Halibut Tournament that runs all summer attracts many. Beyond fishing, this town is loaded with diversions. It has the state’s only major marine aquarium. It offers up everything from trail rides and boat tours, to sea-kayaking and ice-field viewing. Accommodation choices vary from hotels to lodges and from B&B’s to campgrounds. It is also the drop-off point for the cruise line passenger who continues into Anchorage or the Interior via land excursions. Seward is among the most popular destinations in all of Alaska. Because of that, reservations are strongly recommended when you visit this area.

Planning Pointers

Angling in Seward is a good-news / bad-news story. The good news is that the area can be easily reached, has plenty of accommodations that fits most budgets, and offers a wide variety of fishing and tourism experiences. The bad news is that everybody knows it, and if you hope to fish and stay in this area, pre-planning and reservations are essential.

Due to the popularity of the Silver Salmon Derby, Seward draws thousands of visitors during this competition. The derby takes place from mid-August until the end of the month. It is popular, and to fish it plan to reserve your accommodations at least 6 months ahead of time.

The same advice goes in arranging fishing charters. Due to predictable tidal changes, some days of a month have better tides in which to fish. These opportunities are popular and sell out quickly. Planning and reserving many months ahead with your outfitter can improve your odds. Any informed charter operator will tell you when these optimum times are.

Our best advice is simple. Use the information provided here, visit our sponsors, and start the entire process the moment Seward becomes the community of your choice. You can find comprehensive information about Seward fishing charters in our directory and accommodations on the Seward Chamber of Commerce website.

Fresh water opportunities are available in some of the nearby streams with offerings of 
king, pink, and silver salmon. Dolly Varden can also be found. While some of these opportunities can range from fair to even good, most anglers take to the surrounding seas or fish directly from the shore once the silvers have “hit the beaches”.


Seward is located 126 road miles southeast of Anchorage. Land routes from Anchorage can be either via the Seward Highway or by the Alaska Railroad. Both routes offer spectacular scenery just in the getting there. If you travel by car, there are numerous roadside fishing opportunities along the way. If you travel by rail, you will be treated to a single-track locomotive whose seats actually switch and turn around for the ride back. Chartered and daily air service is also available.

Seward is a deep-water port, so visitors can also arrive via the Alaska Marine Highway State Ferry System or by cruise ship. Seward is a small town; you can walk across it in only a few minutes. Car rentals are available, along with taxi and trolley service.


Click for Kodiak, Alaska ForecastThe key to success in enjoying Seward fishing is to enjoy whatever weather comes your way. The breezes of Resurrection Bay keep this town cool even in summer. If you opt to fish on nearby seas, there are times it can get downright chilly, even in the summer. The season of lightest rain and most sunshine occurs during the peak summer months.  Dress in layers and bring rain gear.

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