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Alaska hunting: interior region

ak-interior.gif (6776 bytes)Species

Most hunting in this part of Alaska is for caribou and moose. They are  the most numerous big game species in the region. The Porcupine caribou herd, which ranges in Northeast Alaska, is one of the state's largest. Moose population densities range from very low to moderate. Dall sheep populations are found throughout the mountain ranges. Black and grizzly bear are distributed throughout the region, but in lesser numbers than in coastal areas. Wolves are common in the region. Grouse and ptarmigan are irregularly abundant. Large populations of waterfowl inhabit the region in the summer, but exit quickly in the fall.

Hunting Seasons

Please check the current Alaska hunting regulations booklet for exact season timing.


The landforms of Interior Alaska are dominated by high mountain ranges and wide river flats. The Alaska Range forms the southern boundary of this region and is topped by the continent's highest mountain. The Brooks Range is the at the northern end of the region, and between there are other lesser ranges. The huge Yukon flats and the lesser Tanana, and other river flats are located in spaces between the ranges. The area is drained by the Yukon River with large tributaries including the Tanana, Koyukuk, Porcupine and others. The country is generally forested, with trees giving way to alpine vegetation in the hills and mountains and to the north.


Fairbanks is the transportation hub of the region, and is served by frequent daily jet service. It is accessible by passenger vehicles entering Alaska via the Alaska Highway. The Dalton Highway stretches to the North Slope, but it, like many other Alaska roads are gravel. Most communities are served by commuter airlines and air freight services.


Interior Alaska weather is typically fair during the spring months, and tends toward dry. Cold temperatures and snow may persist into May or even later, depending on the location. The fall months are more moist, on average, however, it is important to note that much of this area receives less than 15" of annual precipitation. Snowfall is normal during September and by mid- to late-October, winter snow cover has begun.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Information for this Region

ADF&G/Wildlife Conservation
Interior Alaska Regional Office
1300 College Rd
Fairbanks, AK 99701-1599

Telephone (907) 459-7206

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