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Alaska hunting books and periodicals: a bibliography

A hunter overlooks the Monahan Flat off the Denali Highway in Southcentral Alaska

(Overlooking the Monahan Flat and the peaks of the Alaska Range in Southcentral Alaska.  Photo by David M. Johnson)



Best Hunting Books by Species? A discussion thread on the Alaska Hunting forum.



Hyperlinked titles may be ordered on-line from The Outdoors Alaska Bookstore on this website.  Others may be available from

Big Game Big Country by Dr. Chauncey Guy Suits. Great Northwest Publishing. 2006. 224 pp.

Hunting Hard in Alaska 2 - The Soul of the Hunt by Mark Taylor. Hunting Hard -- Alaska Adventures. 2006. 208 pp.

Dall Sheep Trails by Ace Sommerfeld Publication Consultants. 2005. 128 pp.

Sheep Stalking in Alaska by Tony Russ.  Northern Publishing, 2005. 

Alaska Hunting Adventure: 700 Miles Alone DVD (VHS available) by Buck Nelson. 2004

Bear Hunting in Alaska by Tony Russ.  Northern Publishing, 2004

Moose Hunting in Alaska by Rich Hackenberg.  Northern Publishing 2004

Adventures of an Alaskan - You Can Do by Dennis W. Confer by Dennis W. Confer 2003

Caribou Hunting: A Guide to Alaska's Herds by Larry Bartlett.  Pristine Publishing 2003 Click for more information about the book

Out of Season: The Johnny Luster Story by Mary Adams. Northern Publishing. 2003.

Alaska's No.1 Guide by Catherine Cassidy and Gary Titus.  Spruce Tree Publishing. 2003

Hunting Hard in Alaska by Marc Taylor.  Hunting Hard - Alaska Adventures.  2003

Alaska Bowhunting Records by Alaskan Bowhunters Association, 2000

A Complete Guide to Float Hunting Alaska by Larry Bartlett.  Pristine Publishing.  2000.

Animal Tracks of Alaska by Sheldon & Hartson.  Lone Pine.  1999

Manual for Successful Hunting by Tony Russ.  Northern Publishing 1999

Hunting : The Way It Was to Our Changing Alaska by Lenora Conkle.  Publication Consultants. 1998

The Quest for Dall Sheep by Jack Wilson.  Northern Publishing 1997

Quest for Dall Rams by Duncan Gilchrist.  Stoneydale Press. 1997. 224 pp.

Bow Hunting Alaska by Alaska Bowhunters Association.  1997

Alaskan Adventures : The Early Years by Russell Anabel. 350 pp. Vol. 1 1997

Quest for Dall Rams by Duncan Gilchrist. Stoneydale Press. 1997.

Click for more information about the bookHunt Alaska Now (moose and caribou hunting in Alaska) by Dennis Confer. Wiley Ventures. 1997. 310 pp.

The Outdoors Alaska Directory of Hunting & Fishing edited by David M. Johnson. Outdoors America Communications. 1997. 144 pp. [No longer available in print, but most of content is available on-line in this website]

The Bears of Manley, by Sarkis Atamian. Publication Consultants. 1995. 448 pp.

Hunting in Alaska: A Comprehensive Guide, by Christopher Batin. Alaska Hunter Publications. 1995. 431 pp.

 Field Care Handbook by Duncan Gilchrist and Bill Sager. Stoneydale. 1994. 169 pp.

Click for more information about the bookSheep Hunting in Alaska: The Dall Sheep Hunter’s Guide, by Tony Russ. Northern Publications. 1994. 160 pp.

Longbows in the Far North: An Archer’s Adventures in Alaska and Siberia, by E. Donnall Thomas. Stackpole Books. 1993. 144 pp.

Wildlife Management & Subsistence Hunting in Alaska by Huntingdon John Wiley and Sons Ltd; 1992

Hunting and Fishing Alaska, by Lynn Castle and Jimmie Rosenbruch. Safari Press. 1991. 128 pp.

Hunt High by Duncan Gilchrist. Stoneydale Press.  1991.  192 pp.

Walk Softly With Me: Adventures of a Woman Big-Game Guide in Alaska, by Sharon E. McLeod-Everette. Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks Master’s Thesis. 1992. 207 pp.

Trail of the Eagle: Hunting Alaska With Master Guide Bud Conkle by Jim Rearden Great Northwest Pub & Distributing Co. 1991

Shadows on the Tundra: Alaskan Tales of Predator, Prey and Man, by Tom Walker. Stackpole Books 1990. 177 pp. 

Alaska Safari, by Harold Schetzle. Great Northwest Pub. and Dist. Co. 1989. 366 pp.

Big Game Trails In the Far North, by Phillip F. Neuweiler. Great Northwest Pub. and Dist. Co. 1989. 316 pp.

Hunting: The Alaska Brown Bear (Library Classics Series) by John Eddy Wolfe Pub Co; Reprint edition 1988

Mountain Man: the Story of Belmore Browne, Hunter, Explorer, Artist, Naturalist and Preserver of our Northern Wilderness, by Robert H. Bates. Amwell Press. 1988. 424 pp.

Hunting the Alaska Brown Bear: the Story of a Sportsman’s Adventure in an Unknown Valley After the Largest Carnivorous Animal in the World, by John Whittemore Eddy. Wolfe Publishing Co. 1988 (1930). 253 pp.

Alaska Wilderness Hunter, by Harold Schetzle. Great Northwest Pub. and Dist. Co. 1987. 213 pp.

Big Game, Big Country, by Chauncey Suits. Great Northwest Pub. and Dist. Co. 1987. 224 pp.

Of Bench and Bears: Alaska’s Bear Hunting Judge, by Richard C. Folta. Great Northwest Pub. and Dist. Co. 1986. 206 pp.

Alaskan-Yukon Trophies Won and Lost, by George Orville Young. Wolfe Publishing Co. 1985 (1928). 273 pp.

A Thousand Campfires, by Jay Massey. Bear Paw Publications. 1985. 127 pp.

Wolf Trail Lodge, by Edward M Boyd. Alaska Northwest Publishing Co. 1984. 108 pp.

Track of the Kodiak, by Marvin H. Clark. Great Northwest Pub. and Dist. Co. 1984. 224 pp.

Trophy Rams of the Brooks Range, Plus Secrets of A Sheep and Mountain Goat Guide, by Duncan Gilchrist. Pictorial Histories Publishing Co. 1984. 176 pp.

Bowhunting Alaska’s Wild Rivers by Jay Massey. Bear Paw Publications. 1983.

The Wilderness of Denali: Explorations of a Hunter-Naturalist in Northern Alaska, by Charles Sheldon. Amwell Press. 1983 (1960).

The Wilderness of the North Pacific Coast Islands: A Hunter’s Experiences While Searching for Wapiti, Bears, and Caribou on the Larger Coast Islands of British Columbia and Alaska, by Charles Sheldon. Amwell Press. 1983 (1912). 246 pp.

My Lost Wilderness: Adventures of An Alaskan Hunter and Guide, by Ralph W. Young. Winchester Press. 1983. 191 pp.

Big Game in Alaska: A History of Wildlife and People, by Morgan B. Sherwood. Yale University Press. 1981. 200 pp.

Grizzlies Don’t Come Easy: My Life as an Alaskan Bear Hunter, by Ralph W. Young. Winchester Press. 1981. 168 pp.

Pinnell and Talifson, Last of the Great Brown Bear Men, by Marvin H. Clark. Great Northwest Pub. and Dist. Co. 1980. 224 pp.

Alaska Hunting Guide, by Alaska Magazine editors. Alaska Northwest Publishing Co. 1979. 136 pp.

Alaska Game Trails With a Master Guide, by Charles Keim. Alaska Northwest Publishing Co. 1977. 310 pp.

Alaskan Hunter: a Book About Big Game Hunting, by Roy F. Chandler. Bacon & Freeman. 1977. 281 pp.

Fair Chase With Alaskan Guides, by Hal Waugh. Alaska Northwest Publishing Co. 1972. 205 pp.

All About Bears, by Don DeHart. Johnson Publishing Co. 1971. 92 pp.

Oh, for the Life of a Guide, by Don DeHart. Johnson Publishing Co. 1968. 116 pp.

The Kodiak Bear, by Jim Woodworth. Stackpole Books. 1958. 204 pp.

Hunting and Fishing in Alaska, by Russell Annabel. A. A. Knopf. 1948. 341 pp.


Alaska Tracks - Classic Big Game Hunts by Greatland Productions DVD Color. 85 minutes. 2007.

High Spirits by Greatland Productions DVD Color.  75 minutes. 2006.

Float Hunting Alaska DVD by Larry Bartlett. Pristine Ventures. DVD Color. 114 minutes. 2005.

Alaska Hunting Adventure: 700 Miles Alone DVD and VHS by Buck Nelson. Buck Publishing. 75 minutes. DVD Color 2004. VHS Color 2002.

 Skinning and Field Care of Alaska Bears by Chris Batin.  Alaska Hunter Video Productions.  VHS 50 minutes.  Color.  2002

Alaska Hunting Adventure by Buck Publishing.  VHS.  75 min. 2002

This is My Alaska by Leroy "Buster" Shebal. Arctic Adventures. VHS. (DVD available) 2 hours. Color

Love, Thunder & Bull 2 in Alaska by Wayne Kubat VIDEO VHS Color. 57 Minutes. 2000.

Phantom of the Forrest - An Alaska black bear hunting video by Alaska Wild River Productions.  VIDEO VHS 85 minutes. 1999

Field Care of Big Game by Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Hunter Information & Training Program.  State of Alaska, ADF&G. 1999.

Love Thunder and Bull in Alaska by Wayne Kubat. VIDEO VHS Color. 30 Minutes. 1993.


Alaska Magazine. Alaska Publishing Properties. Anchorage, AK. Published monthly.

Based on an Alaska Department of Fish and Game Publication Compiled by C. Rozen & D. Johnson August 6, 1996

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